The Infinity Cube

This Cube (illustrated below) endeavors to portray the sum total of the mutually-dependent Consequential Entities and demonstrates that they each have a symbiotic relationship with close-proximity or homogeneous Entities along parallel or connected pathways of the Plexus Cube. For example, the Entity water (which is covered at some length during the discussion of the basics of Prescient Evolution), and its various attributes, are cross-referenced directly to a very large number of other Entities (some of which also have their own finely-tuned properties) which have a dependency on these attributes for their existence and continuity.

Fractal Electrons (courtesy of
Fractal Electrons (courtesy of

Some of these objects (Entities) also belong to the category Fine-tuned Entities which relate to the various processes, elements, and conditions that exist in the universe with very specific parameters (sizes, speeds, strengths, distances, etc.) that only work if those parameters are within a particular value threshold; for example, plus or minus 1% (+-1%). One example is the strong nuclear force which has a value of 0.007 — if it happened to vary by only one-thousandth of a percentage point either way, nothing of any interest would exist in the universe, let alone any form of life.

The term “fine-tuning” is perhaps most used by Creationists in support of their argumentation. In the context of this work, however, the arguments are much more compelling, as a complete study will demonstrate.

There are many examples and descriptions of Fine-tuned Entities to be found simply by using an Internet search engine. The exponents of Darwin are aware of these lists and deal with some of them using results from various scientific tests and theories. Their problem, however, is that they fail to take into account the interlocking, interdependent, relational nature of these entities at all levels and under all conditions. For example, there is a vital relationship between the Fine-tuned Entity of gravity and the precise distance of the earth from the sun. Some Darwinian evolutionists may well close the book (or the blog) at this point, assuming that the answer they may be aware of is so well-worn that this argumentation does not deserve further reading. But the entities the Cube develops are well-nigh infinite, and will be continually expanded (hence the title of this section The Infinity Cube). An additional example: the Organs section will cover the labyrinthine plexus relationships of the different body organs, tying these in with the fine-tuning of the cells and cell-types of each organ and the interaction at the molecular level with the delicate fine-tuning of water molecules — an inextricable linkage that only tells a quantitatively tiny part of the story!

Like the fractal puzzle that provides a fascination at one level, only to repeat the fascination at the next level, and at all subsequent fractal levels within the organized structure of the puzzle; so too, The Infinity Cube and its twin The Plexus Cube demonstrate filial reticulation (similarities of design in the components) at multiple levels.

Fractal Sculpture by Jonathan Packer
Fractal Sculpture by Jonathan Packer

One more example from the real world before we move on: According to The Encyclopædia Britannica:

“Besides the blood which actually circulates in the arteries, veins and capillaries, the body possesses reserves which can be mobilized. One such is known to be located in the spleen. On the onset of haemorrhage the spleen shrinks, squeezing blood as from a sponge into the circulation.”

Consequently, there are complex links between brain, blood vessels, heart, and spleen, that serve a vital purpose in the event of an emergency. Did evolution take meaningful action during the development of the human body? If so, is this not an example of prescience? If not, how does Darwinian Evolution explain these multi-level “complex links?”

There are theories that endeavour to explain some aspects of a small number of these Fine-tuned entities, and the answers given by Darwin adherents may sway the minds of the theorists sufficiently to discourage them from taking the investigation further…

This partly defines the purpose of The Curiosity Paradox. It cross-references the Consequential Entities of The Infinity Cube with the Plexus Cube at multiple levels and with many connection types. The relationships between same-level entities is expanded upon, as well as the relationships between different levels within the Cube. A full understanding of all of these related arguments (and especially the nature of the relationships) will help the investigator to take another realistic (unblinkered) look at Darwinian evolution. The absurdly large number, represented in the diagram at the top of this section, is an exiguous fraction of the conceived total resulting from these Entities and their multi-layered plexus relationships. Compare this number (which is actually a three-dimensional version of the diagram above) with the total number of elementary particles in the entire universe = a relatively small 10^80 (a number followed by just 80 zeros). Mathematicians reckon that any number higher than 1 in 10^50 is so high that the chances of it actually occurring are effectively zero for all practical purposes. Consequently, even if the chance process of (purposeless) Darwinian evolution could somehow deal with the order and continuity required at every level in the Cube and at every time stage, the universe is simply far too young by a considerable order of magnitude! Do you see the process of evolution at work here? If so, would that not be an example of Prescient Evolution?

The Infinity Cube is illustrated diagrammatically below. It shows a series of discs very accurately balanced on vertical rods which in turn are each delicately poised on some imaginary secure platform. Each disc has another upright rod carefully balanced in its center atop of which is yet another disc, and so on. The illustration has been devised in conjunction with the Consequential Entities that comprise the interrelated, interconnected, and often interdependent forces and conditions present at all time stages of the development of the universe and at all size stages from the atomic (and even subatomic) level up to galactic superclusters. A very partial list of these entities is given below the image.

The Infinity Cube
The Infinity Cube

The columns of discs are stacked close together, and they are stacked exceptionally high. The top level signifies the arrival of man in the universe. However, all it would take is one disc to wobble by a certain amount for it to affect a nearby column, which in turn would cause a cascade failure that would destroy every other column and every disc. In reality this “wobble” would destroy everything that has led to man’s “comfortable” arrival in the universe. To say that the Model is uniform, consistent, logical, not to mention elegantly designed, is clearly an understatement.

Consequential Entities

The bulleted list below is a very small fraction of the Consequential Entities list. The complete list contains entities that belong to each of the following categories (levels) of the Plexus Cube:

super superclusters

  • strong nuclear force
  • weak nuclear force
  • force of gravity
  • electromagnetic force
  • speed of electron rotation
  • angle of electron rotation
  • orbit of electron rotation
  • electrical charge of protons & electrons
  • ratio of the masses of protons & electrons
  • mass of the neutrino
  • decay rate of protons
  • number of protons & number of electrons in the universe
  • nuclear resonance for formation of carbon
  • nuclear resonance for formation of oxygen
  • nuclear resonance for formation of beryllium
  • density of all matter after Planck time
  • unique chemistry of carbon
  • ratio of exotic matter mass to ordinary matter mass
  • ratio of neutron mass to protein mass
  • initial excess of nucleons over anti-nucleons
  • ratio of matter to anti-matter in the universe
  • polarity of water molecule
  • thermal properties of water molecule
  • capacity of water to dissolve (alcahest)
  • low chemical-reactivity of water
  • low viscosity of liquid water
  • high viscosity of water ice
  • latent heat of freezing water
  • density of water
  • alteration in the “law” of water contraction just before freezing
  • bonding of more than 40 elements to form molecules in “preparation” for life
  • speed of light
  • “explosive force” of the “big bang”
  • amount of matter that existed at time of the big bang
  • rate of expansion of the universe at all stages
  • size of relativistic time dilation factor
  • “uncertainty magnitude” in Heisenberg uncertainty principle
  • distance of moon from the earth
  • distance of earth from the sun
  • size of moon
  • size of earth
  • tilt of earth
  • average distance between stars
  • average distance between galaxies
  • average distance between galactic clusters
  • average distance between galactic superclusters
  • average distance between galactic super superclusters
  • position of sun in relation to both center and edge of Milky Way
  • number of dimensions in the universe
  • level of dynamic entropy at all stages in formation of universe
  • strength of force of gravity at all time stages in formation of universe
  • strength of force of gravity at all size stages from atoms to superclusters
  • frequency of occurrence of supernovae eruptions
  • distribution of supernovae eruptions
  • quantity of white dwarf binaries
  • timing of development of white dwarf binaries during formation of universe

The above constitutes a (very) partial list of the universal forces, objects, and conditions that make up the Consequential Entities. Most of the above items only relate to the first one or two layers of the Plexus. Some of these Entities (the lighter-colored discs in the illustration) are so finely balanced, so fine-tuned, that a “wobble” of the tiniest of fractions would upset one or more of the discs in the Cube with the resulting cascade failure of the entire model (i.e. either the catastrophic failure of a key component essential to mankind’s life continuity, or the impossibility of the universe ever existing at all). The image above is a very poor imitation of the real Infinity Cube, which has substantially more columns multiplied by many orders of magnitude, and many more discs or entities (of varying quantities), in the columns. There are also four types of Entity, one for each of the four Categories (see Consequential Entities). Moreover, the actual feat of balancing accomplished by the Fine-tuned Entities requires an accomplishment of incredible dexterity far in excess of any stage-show using real rods and discs.


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