Definition of Time

What is the nature and origin of time? Will science one day find all the answers?
Time, courtesy of
Time, courtesy of

Whilst you are pondering the above questions, here is a starter, an attempt at defining what time is:

“Time is an aspect of our observable environment metaphorically describable as a one-way flow which provides, together with 3-dimensional space, a matrix and context for events, and a means of relating the occurrences of these events to each other.”


Remember that time is just one of the Consequential Entities described in the book series on Dynamic Evolution. Its existence means that the 3-dimensional model of dependencies that comprise the Plexus, is merely a snapshot within the stream of time as seen from any given moment in the past. There are therefore conceptually an infinite number of Plexus models that, together, explain (or encapsulate) the nature of Dynamic Evolution.

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